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From ancient myths to cutting-edge science, discover the untold patterns of evolution in David R. Wood's revolutionary work.


Charles Darwin’s natural theory of evolution is one of the greatest ideas in history. His theory enabled mankind to partially perceive the patterns in nature. However, the greater pattern has remained undiscovered until now. With the decoding of ancient Greek mythology and philosophy, the pattern of evolution has been fully revealed.


In his book On the Origin of Artificial Species, David R. Wood has completed the work begun by the ancient Greeks and progressed by the family Darwin. He has discovered the pattern of evolution – both natural and artificial. In so doing, David has produced scientific breakthroughs in the fields of evolution, neuroscience, philosophy, history, politics, business, warfare, and technology. This includes clarifying and defining what the emergence of artificial intelligence means in evolutionary terms.


These scientific breakthroughs allow humanity to understand our present and predict our future. They enable the framing of a clear choice for the future of artificial intelligence. The wrong choice will lead to our extinction. The right choice will take us to the stars.


On the Origin of Artificial Species contains the following key discoveries:


  • Scientifically define the existential threat and incredible opportunity of artificial intelligence

  • Discover the theory of artificial evolution by means of artificial selection

  • Decode ancient Greek philosophy and myth lost for millennia

  • Produce new insights into natural evolutionary science

  • Reframe the Digital Age in evolutionary terms

  • Discover the scientific theory of imagination


David R. Wood bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science, unraveling the hidden patterns of evolution that have eluded us until now.


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