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David R. Wood

David R. Wood is the author of the book “On the Origin of Artificial Species” in which the second pattern of evolution – artificial evolution – has been documented for the first time in history. This book is his magnum opus that finally completes the full pattern of evolution – both natural and artificial. In so doing, David completed, organized, and sequenced the works of the greatest minds in history – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Adam Smith, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, John Nash, etc. The discovery of the pattern of artificial evolution is a landmark event in history.
David is also the founder and CEO of RSG Federal, a small business IT consulting company. He possesses over twenty-five years of leadership and management experience working in the military, financial industry, academia, and federal government. As an ITIL Master, he is acknowledged in the field of IT service management as a thought leader for the Digital Age. In addition, David is a former U.S. Army National Guard enlisted soldier and commissioned officer branch qualified infantry and signal.

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